Sunday, October 7, 2012

And so it starts...

The first post on your blog should be memorable. I therefore suspect that I am about to disappoint. Having said that, I will get on with it and talk about why I am doing this. In a nutshell, I want to hone my writing skills, and having a blog seems like a good way to do that. My goal is to write five hundred to a thousand words a day, on any subject that happens to pop into my head. This can't help but improve my skills. Note that 1000 words is a goal, as some days I will be lucky to just eek out a couple sentences, if anything at all.

The next thing to worry about in a blog is who will be reading this? The risk of throwing your mind out there is that everyone and anyone can read it, then laugh at (not with) you. I must admit, that prospect makes me nervous. On the other hand, if you are reading this then congratulations, both you and I are worthy of notice. If you are not reading this, I don't know what to tell you – but you don't care anyway so why am I writing for you?

I have included a short (terse) description of myself over on the the “Who Is This Guy” page. Since that, combined with this, more than meets my daily limit, I will stop here and wish you a good day. I was going to end this this with saying 'Hope you come back', but that seems a bit silly, as most people won't read this. So, instead I say:

Is féidir leis an bóthar a reáchtáil réidh roimh tú

(no – I don't speak Irish, but online translators let me pretend I do)

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