Friday, August 22, 2014

I am a jelly doughnut

I had resolved to stay out of the Redskins controversy assuming that at some point it would die on its own accord, but alas, it hasn't so I will. The latest thing I heard this morning was an referee decided that he was ‘uncomfortable’ officiating at a Redskins game, so the league allowed he to avoid the games. Allow me to postulate a different theory. As any reader of this blog is aware, my feeling is that Dan Snyder and his ilk have run the team into the ground ever since little John let it get out of the Cooke family hands. What if this official hated the idea of officiating a game of sloppy play by a bunch of overpaid divas? Given an out, I don’t blame him for avoiding that mess.

That being said, I only have one thing to say to the poor PC brainiacs that consider the term ‘Redskins’ to be offensive
“I am a jelly doughnut” 

For those thinking of a certain yellow headed cartoon character right now let me explain. In 1968, JFK took a little trip to Germany and gave a speech in support of the West German city of Berlin which was standing against the abyss of the communist expansion. In that speech, he said “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which means “I am a Berliner”. Not long after that the ‘talking heads’ began to dispute exactly what the translation of that was. The use of the ‘ein’ somehow translated that statement to mean that he was calling himself a ‘pancake’ or jelly doughnut. Of course they were wrong, the use of ‘ein’ in that case was entirely proper and meant exactly what it was supposed to say. This of course did not stop the pseudo intellectuals from laughing at him behind their hands.

A similar misinterpretation exists for the team name ‘redskins’. So where did the name come from? Well the team was originally called the Boston Braves. When the team moved to begin to play at Fenway Park, the owner changed the name to the Boston Redskins, then in 1939 became the Washington Redskins when the team was sold and moved to Washington D.C. Various polls have found that the name, which can be offensive when used in other context, is viewed favorably by most Indians when used in the context of the team name. You see, much like saying ‘jelly doughnut’ in German, context matters. Only simple minded pseudo-intellectuals seemed confused by this.

On the other hand, consider the context of this picture:

taken a scant few hours after an American journalist is beheaded by some Mideast savages.. I think someone is a jelly doughnut here, and it's not a yellow headed cartoon character or a former president.

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