Sunday, October 25, 2020

How to Steal An Election

The clip above is from my local congress critter, representing my little piece of Virginia on the outskirts of the capitol city of the most powerful country in the world. It’s a bit sobering to hear someone responsible for creating the laws governing this powerful government joking (I assume he’s joking) about how to disenfranchise voters and “cheat” the democratic process, but that’s the new norm that we find ourselves in.

That kind of leads me to the point of this post. For months now, like I think a lot of the kinds of people who will find and read this post, have been truly amazed at the how out there the body politic and the press have been about their lies and deception. We now have what appears to be an age addled former hack racist as the candidate to become the chief executive of the most powerful country of the world and the leader of the free world. I won’t even begin to talk about his socialist VP pick. The point is, I keep asking myself how do they expect for him to win against the guy who has and ushered in real peace in Mideast,  a thriving economy, and widespread economic stability (at least until the China Flu thing happened)?

The conclusion that I came to is the only way they can expect to win is to cheat. There just isn’t any other explanation. So, if we work on that premise, we must ask ourselves how exactly will they go about that? After all, you can only stuff ballot boxes so much. In most cases you hear about ballot stuffing, it involves less than a few thousand votes. That’s just not enough to result in the kind of hoodwink they need in the next few days. So, the 50-cent question here is how do they expect to do this?

Big G in the clip above gives us a clue. In a low turnout vote, they just need to make sure that it’s their people that show up. How can they systematically do that in such as way as to guarantee the results they want? The answer is of course, the COVID! If they can make it hard for republican districts to get to the polls, while at the same time make it easy for the democratic districts, then the net result will be a democratic win, all districts being about the same number of voters.

How will they go about doing that? Well, in Virginia they have instituted new rules for this upcoming election to protect us voters from the dreaded COVID. First, everyone in line must be 6 feet apart. Let’s do some math on that. The last time I voted in a presidential election, there were probably 100 people in the line at say 2 feet apart. That means that the line should have been about 300 feet long. So, if these restrictions are enforced, we are talking lines 900 feet long, or about the length of 2.5 football fields. If you have to park, walk to the end of the line, then inch your way to the polling door, we are talking anywhere between a quarter to a half mile. For healthy people, that’s not a big deal. For older folks (who tend to vote ‘R’), that’s a big problem. On top of that, they will be minimizing the number of people in the voting area, which will exasperate the wait time. Oh – and everyone will have to wear a mask. They haven’t said it yet, but my impression is no mask, no vote. Or no mask, go home and get one.. longer wait, longer delays, less voters, viola! Low turnout for the ‘R’ voters.

So your thinking, sure – it’ll be hard to vote all over.. so what are you worried about. Again, let’s go to the clip above.. they key here is low turnout with an emphasis on precincts that are ‘Rs. How can they make sure? Well, here in my little county, there is a committee that administers the election. Its ‘bipartisan’ but the majority is made up which ever party holds the governor’s mansion. If they were ensure that their precinct chiefs selectively enforced the new COVID rules, then that would go a long way towards providing the necessary slant. Additionally, in the name of helping the citizens vote, they could open additional voting locations. if those additional locations just happened to all be in democrat precincts, that would also provide the necessary slant.

But surely someone would notice this, right? Well, not necessarily. The polling captains would just be following the rules that they have been given. Each precinct operates on its own, and who’s to tell that the rules are being followed, and the delays are the same all over? Unless the campaigns are organized to ensure that they are watching for this, then it will get missed. I don’t get the impression that is case in my area, as the Trump campaign has not made Virginia a priority.

But you say, what about all those votes by mail or early voting going on now? Anecdotally, a few of my friends and acquaintances have done early voting, but the lines have been horrendous and wait times of 3-5 hours aren’t unheard of. The result is that this falls into a low turnout scenario, and the early voting just doesn’t matter.

I don’t think this is just a Prince William or even a Virginia thing. I think it’s a viable strategy that can (and probably is) being deployed across the country. The COVID ‘lockdowns’ and social distancing ‘rules’ which fly in the face of scientific norms seem to conveniently enable faultless voter suppression. Do we have the will to fight this? Are we willing to stand in line for hours to ensure that we are not low turnout? The Democrats seem to be thinking we won’t. Just watch the clip above again and tell me I’m not crazy.

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