Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hero of the Week 3/30/14

When I was looking around for the hero of the week I came out with two main contenders. The first was this group of guys:

Yep, he has a beard so right away you know he is not a US Marine. He is Philippine Lt. First Class Mike Pelotera and that group behind him are guys who are part of a contingent that rotate to live on this outpost of freedom:
Janes - BRP Sierra Madrid
They are there to lay claim to the Thomas Shoal for the Philippines against the raw aggression of China to seize the atoll. At stake are the massive undersea oil and gas deposits that lay below her keel. Nine or ten guys standing against the might of the Chinese navy; that takes guts!

My winner of hero of the week is this guy (or a guy that kinda looks like him):
One Shot - Six Dead Tangos

An (unnamed) Lance Corporal British sniper. Seems the Taliban was advancing on their position with the aim of getting a suicide bomber in place to kill a bunch a infidels. He took the shot at 930 yards. The hot round set off the suicide vest, blowing the martyr and five of his friends to Allah. One shot, six martyrs: excellent conservation of valuable war resources. He was using this rifle (L115A3):
So congratulations Unnamed Lance Corporal! You get the Hero of the Week Award for 3/30/14!

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