Saturday, January 10, 2015

Heroes of the Week (1/10/15)

With the troglodytes doing their worst in France and the Republicans playing roll over in their new positions as Senate Leaders, there wasn't too much to look up to this week. That is until I saw this story about three Marines doing what they do best. It seems that a couple of thugs decided that outside a recruiting office was a good place to rob an old lady: a poor tactical choice to say the least. Staff Sgt. Ben Shoemaker, Sgt Ricardo Schebasta, and Staff Sgt Bryson Twigg responded to her cries for help. While one of the assailants had beat the scene by the time the lady started screaming, the other one was still in sight. As Sgt Shoemaker put it:
That kid was never going to outrun me. Marines run towards the sound of chaos.
 To quote the veritable old cripple "BWAHAHAHAHA!". They corralled the one miscreant and held him until the authorities showed up. A Big "OooRah" out to Sgt Shoemaker and has buddies, our Heroes of the Week.

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