Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hero(s) of the Week 1/24/15

This week's Hero(s) of the week goes out to a not so small group of people that have been doing the same thing, year after year, mostly without recognition or credit since 1974. They come from all over the country, at mostly their own expense. They gather, cheerfully walk down the same street, to the same building, maybe listen to the same speeches, maybe not. Maybe go in and talk to the the same guys who pretend to listen to them, maybe not. Most of them will just kneel and say a prayer. Once they are done, they pick up their litter and go home.

They are all types: Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, Pagan, Democrats (just a few) and Republicans, gays, straights, blacks, whites, Native Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, goths, businessmen, students, housewives, and toddlers. In a word, Americans.

Even though for the past 10 years their numbers have reached over 200,000 every year (500,000 this year), they are mostly a non-event to the media, and the local news usually fails to note that they are even there. Yet they come anyway. You can disagree with their cause, but you can't fault their dedication, faith, and positive spirit. Those are hero traits and why all the men, women, boys, girls, and yes, unborn children of the 2015 March For Life are this week's Hero(s) of the Year.

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