Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back To Standing On My Head

For those of you that haven’t heard this joke here you go:

This guy dies and because he voted Democrat his whole life, he was sent to Hell. Satan met him at the gates of Hell and told he would give him a tour of hell and he would have to pick the form of his eternal punishment. They first came to a room where demons were dipping the damned in vats of boiling oil. Once their bodies had burnt away, they were pulled out and became whole again, only to be dipped in again. The next room had the damned being skinned alive. Once all their skin was removed, they became whole and the process started all over. The man told Satan that those looked awful and didn’t he have anything else? Satan thought about it a bit, then told him that there was one more room he might qualify for. Upon entering the room, the man noticed all the people in the room were drinking coffee and standing knee deep in raw sewage. The man thought to himself, “Well this doesn’t look too bad”. He told Satan that this was the room that he wanted to be in. Satan handed him off to the head demon for the room and left. Shortly thereafter the head demon blew a whistle and shouted “Ok, coffee breaks over, everybody back to standing on your head!”

And thus marks the end of my Christmas break and return to regular work. I hope everyone had a good vacation and wish everyone the best in the New Year!

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