Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bomb, Bomb, Bomb

If the title set off a little tune in your head that sounds a little like the Beach Boys “Barbra Anne”, you can probably guess what I’m going to write about today. Thanks to Gizmodo, I saw a link to this story about a bunch of scientist saying Trump really needs to not tear apart the Iran nuclear deal. 

While I’m on the subject, am I the only one who has noticed that Gizmodo has gone full leftist since Trump got elected? I mean sure, they used to very occasionally have an article about global warming or some other liberal fantasy, but now it seems like every time I bother to look at their site, there’s a new unhinged rant from one their leftist writers howling about something Trump is doing that the don’t like. That’s a pretty sad development for me. I used to read through their postings almost daily, but now whenever I start to click on them, I stop and ask myself, “Do I really want to subject myself to their chimp-like Trump bashing?” Some days the answer is no. I suspect that I am not alone.

In any case, the above article talks about how a bunch of old overly educated white guys think the Iran nuclear deal was really great, will keep Iran from getting ‘the bomb’, and how Trump is going to undo it. First off, this agreement is so secret that no one really knows what’s in it. So, given that, how do these guys know it’s such a great deal? I do know that we gave them a crap load of cold hard cash, like an airplane full. Beyond that, I don’t think anyone knows what ‘the deal’ was comprised of. Did they agree to chill a little (or hide better) their nuclear development in exchange for funds for their bomb throwers around the world? We simply don’t know.

So what makes these guys experts on foreign policy? I get that a lot of them know a lot of the really hard stuff relating to math, physics, and chemistry. However, that doesn’t really qualify them as foreign policy wonks and the most appropriate way to apply diplomatic pressure on those governments that are clearly going to do things that as not in the best interest of the western world in general and the United States specifically. I’d say these guys should go back to their chalkboard squiggles and Bunsen burners if they are able and leave the foreign policy to the professionals.

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