Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Brown House on Embassy Row

In preparation for the coming of the new King, the Obama's have started pulling up stakes from the the White house and preparing to move into thier new digs. Since thier old home town of Chicago is a cesspool of gun violence and anarchy,  they naturally are not returning there.

So where will the young deposed prince and his poor family go? The answer was given in this article.  No shabby digs for this family,  as only the best will do! The bamster and his entourage will be camped in a multi-million dollar rental at the end of embassy row in the Brown House. Wait, you think that name is racist? Nope, it's descriptive. Here's a pic from Google Street View:

Of course this is an older picture.  Obama is building a security wall around the Brown House to keep the riff raff out.

You might be thinking while looking at that place it looks rather suburban and not quite up to type of place the Obamas are used to. I can tell you that nothing is further from the truth. One of the first 'survival jobs' I worked when I first moved to Northern Virginia was as a supervisor for a security guard company. We had guards all over the city, from pubic housing in South East DC (very dangerous,  even back then), to this area (The back gate to the Embassy of Qatar). I can tell you the houses here no shit, high class digs.

But, besides the Brown House being symbolically brown, paying tribute to the skin color which is what Obama's 'legacy' is based on (First Black President!), what else did I find ironic about this housing choice?

One thing that struck me about the choice was how many embassies were right next to the Brown House. It's almost like he is going to take up doing his new role as a past president by setting up his own embassy right there with the embassies of Oman, Guyana,  and Belize.

The second irony is of course the structure there in the bottom left of the map.. yep, Obama's new digs are just a short walk from DC's richest mosque! That can't be a coincidence.  Wink, wink, nod, nod, nothing to see here, move along,  move along..

I look forward to seeing how he settles in these new digs. Contrary to how we heard deafening silence from GWB at his ranch in Texas, I am betting we'll be hearing quite a lot coming out of the Brown House on embassy row.

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