Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Amazing Stuff I Heard on CSPAN Yesterday

So I was stuck listening to CSPAN yesterday while I slaved away in my cave. Here's a few things that I found interesting.

First up, a representative from Oregon notes how many unique hits that the Oregon exchange got. Now anyone who has read this blog knows how much hits matter to me. Just check out my site meter... wait - I don't have one of those... nevermind. In any case, I got to wondering just how effective the Oregon exchange was, so I went over there and tried to price a plan based on the mythical Obama like family I used earlier with the DC exchange. After some fitzing around to get the exact correct zip / county combination, I came to this screen:

So many people may have visited, but I doubt, given this, many people enrolled. Those numbers are so far not available.

Then I listened to everyone's favorite legislator, Shelia Jackson Lee.

She noted that she was a lawyer. I was amazed. While I knew that most congresspersons were lawyers, I had no idea that she was. I decided to go look and see if she was a member of the Texas Bar. Here's what I found:

Heh: Occupation: Government Lawyer. That right there tells you everything that is wrong with our system of government. Looking at her bio, I am guessing that she has not appeared in front in a jury in a very long time.

Moving on, she made the astute observation that the process of budgeting is different than the process of opening the doors of the government. I see. So the obligation of congress to appropriate money should not mix with congress's obligation to appropriate money so government can continue to operate. Got it.

Then I listened in on Obama's press conference. First he noted that with the shutdown the federal government wasn't able to issue drilling permits. I did a little checking. It turns out that it take the federal government on average 307 days to issue an offshore drilling permit. Now with the shutdown, they have put the brakes on that breakneck pace. My question is, how could you tell?

Then he was asked a question about why wouldn't he sign the individual funding bills that the house had passed to the senate. He explained that it wouldn't be fair if he did that, because programs and agencies that didn't get 'attention' wouldn't get funding. So congress should just fund everything at once, or nothing at all? He went on to note that it wasn't fair to him either as he didn't get to pick and choose what laws he gets to obey. Really? Can we talk about waivers for Obamacare? Can we talk about delays? can we talk about selective enforcement of 'hate' crimes by the DOJ? Just a little hubris there...

Finally, the ever entertaining Allen Grayson got on the floor, and in an rather disgusting display, read liberal newspaper accounts calling congress 'Turds', and other worse names, then tried to force a vote on a clean CR because the 'dignity of the house' was lost (since newspapers were calling them names). He was slapped down, but not until he had the pleasure of, by proxy, calling all his colleagues every name in the book. What a class act.

Here is the video

(WARNING: Foul language, extreme smug liberal attitude - remove all sharp or heavy objects from area before watching - not responsible for damage to your web viewing device)

I am still recovering. I hope to get some time to write some more stuff a little later. Until then, have a great day!

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