Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wisdom of the Ancients

Once you get inside, you realize that the commercial space business is as litigious as any other business, sometimes to their own detriment. Take this story about Orbital's suits against a Russian firm and the State of Virgina (H/T Instapundit) . Here's what I found interesting about this. The engine they are attempting to move to for their new launch vehicle? 20 year old technology. The mover and launchpad they are fighting VA over paying for? 20 year old technology. Hell, the supply vehicle for CRS? Twenty year old technology... While there is nothing wrong with basing your next achievements on the pillars of your past experience, you have to wonder about a future that doesn't have much actually created in this decade. In that respect, it's no wonder that SpaceX is kicking their butt, and without a major cultural shift in the company, will continue to do so.

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