Sunday, April 21, 2013

Biased Nothings
So I had some time on my hands this morning, so I saw a blurb on Instapundit about an article about a HuffPost article about a kid who ended up in the hospital because of an allergy to the AXE body spray. For the record, what this is really about is a school principal asking parents to not let their kids wear deodorant to school.  Go Goth! the irony writes itself...

What adds another dimension of mirth to this nonsense is the feminist take on this by the article linked by Instapundit. Let's deconstruct that a bit. First there is the title:

Axe Body Spray Is Destroying Lives, Not Helping Men Get Laid
I am thinking that going to the hospital for a allergic reaction is hardly 'Destroying Lives'. As for 'not helping men get laid', i'd say that is a pretty subjective observation since there is nothing in any of this article, the HuffPost article, or even the root article that addresses that particular aspect. I suspect the esteemed author failed to interview even one teenage male at in the PA school as to the efficacy of AXE body spray and getting laid. After a misleading and inaccurate attempt to establish a factual basis for that title, there was this:
If this were five years ago, I’d exclaim, “Oh snap!”
Huh? I got kinda tired of the 'Oh Snap' thing quite a while back. 'House' is a dead series - get over it. That being said, I honestly did not understand how the preceding paragraphs were worth of a 'Snap'. Reading on, I came to an understanding of the writers point (the only <almost> clearly written sentence in the article):
a company that prides itself on such overt sexuality has created something that actually put someone in the hospital
 Ah - I see now. Since they sell their product in, what I must admit, is a slightly amusing nod to women being attracted to men, it is only right and just that they now will be pilloried for the faulty product sending some poor teen to the hospital, because, you know, acknowledging sexy is just bad. Thank God they are going to be sued out of existence.  Er. except they are not. There is no legal action pending, there is no condemnation of the specific product from anyone noted in the originating article, and the company is noted as responsibly 'looking into' the allergic reaction.

The article ends with this missive:
It’s totally going to fly off the shelves
 I am thinking the incident, the HuffPost article, and this one will have an effect on the product sales in the same way that M&M sales plummeted when reliable sources indicated that 'green M&Ms make you pregnant'.

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