Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stuff & Nonsense

Stuff I had time to look at today.. first up MAN CARD REVOKED
I don't care how 'convenient' it is, this is just going full Emo. It is I think the 2013 version of a fanny pack.

So PETA is going to harass hunters with drones?  My first thought on reading that, was to wonder how in world could the FAA justify giving them a license to fly their own drone the perform what is essentially an illegal act? Of course, in this corrupt administration, such a permit would probably be just business as usual and it will be up to the States to enforce their own laws...


Eating guinea pigs is just gross. It's not that I am against eating rodents, but any animal that has been domesticated as a pet should never be eaten - end of story. I do freely admit to having eaten squirrel...

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