Friday, April 19, 2013

Well good...

So they shot and killed one of the guys that did the Boston bombing, and are hunting down the the other one. I woke up way too early this morning and listened to the over-hyped reporters taking about the happenings at MIT and Watertown MA. From the last time I listened (around 6:30am) it was clear that a campus cop was killed in his car either before or during the time the two were trying to rob a 7-11, then they car jacked a guy (who was safely kicked out of the car after riding with them for 30 minutes), then finally, they were apparently cornered and got in a firefight with all the cops that were around, which included a transit cop who got critically injured. Somehow in this firefight, the second guy got away. The reaction to this was for the cops to shut the whole Boston area down and start busing people out of the immediate area because, this being MA and a Boston suburb, none of the citizens have the ability to defend themselves against this mad dog. Literally a wolf among sheep.

Just a couple of impressions here. The first thing that bugged me is how the reporters kept saying the Boston bombing is SOLVED! I would say that even if both suspects were on a coroner's table, this bombing is far from solved. The more interesting and vital question is who they were, who helped them, and what other 'cells' may be out there if they are not just a 'isolated' pair of sickos? There is almost nothing 'solved' here. The second thing that got to me is the almost anticipatory media reaction to their capture / killing. If there are any other players out there, this will only spur them on. What is more worrisome is if there were many more incidents like this one, there is a real potential for law enforcement being overwhelmed. Couple that with the media's over-hyped reporting quickly overwhelming their ability to perform their basic public safety role, and you have a recipe for chaos.

On a personal note, it now seems I have averted my person crisis for at least a few months. I will use that time to attempt to get my head out of my posterior and put some contingency planning in effect to avoid getting blind sided this way again. No - I still am not ready to talk about it here...

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