Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thirsty Thursdays...

First up in the modern angle to the old Baretta quote "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time". In this case, it's "Don't do the crime if you can't spell". It is really a sad state of affairs if your average bank robber is not literate enough to to write a simple note saying ''This is a robbery". Right.. I know these guys are probably some tweakers looking for money for their next fix, but it is really sad to think that the worst of society is that bad off.

So the post office is not going to stop Saturday deliveries (In August) after all due to sequestration. The interesting take on this is that the USPS is claiming that they are going to be insolvent, but Congress explicitly kept them from addressing that insolvency by cutting hours. At the end of the statement they said they would go back to their unions and ask for some relief. good luck with that. So what will happen when they run out of money? Will they be allowed to declare bankruptcy and get legal relief from their unions? Nope. I am guessing congress will just pass another 'temporary' bill and life will go on... at least for a while. I am thinking that I would be better off just taking the mailbox down and picking up my mail from the post office as there is very little I get in the mail anymore that matters.

So NASA and the current administration have put forth a plan to capture an asteroid.  I have always been a fan of NASA doing the heavy lifting on the theory of space flight. There is much that that they do in that realm that is invaluable and necessary. However, I am thinking that their structure has moved to the point that they are bureaucratically incapable of pulling off something this technically challenging. To capture a asteroid, you need dynamic, adaptable management structure. The kind you find in commercial world. Perhaps if they contract out the meat of this and get out of the way (they way they did with CRS and SpaceX) maybe it will work. Otherwise, it's just another hole to throw taxpayer money into.

It was bound to come to this. With budget being cut, real cops overburdened by regulations and unions, the only thing left is for communities to band together and hire their own cops. I don't see this happening where I am yet, or in rural communities, but there's a reason that 'gated communities' are becoming the rule in that sweet spot between the burnt out urban and traditional suburban domiciles.

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