Saturday, April 27, 2013

Grungy Saturday Links

Here's a few things that caught my eye this week...

So I saw this review of CREE light bulbs which are a LED based light rather than CFC and found it intriguing. 10 year life, duplicating incandescent without the performance and environmental aspects of CFC make them tempting to give a try. We bought some CFCs a while back and I was disgusted by them and eventually got rid of them. With the intrusive and colossally stupid congressional mandated demise of the incandescent, this seems like a good replacement.

BeagleBoard now has come out with a contender for the RasberryPi in the $45 range. This looks interesting. My company uses BeagleBoards for their Linux device driver class so they are fairly bulletproof. This board is definitely on my list of things to get and play with.

So this study of 'roundabouts' shows that they are a good alternative to stop lights. Well duh! My objections are twofold. First, it's a 'traffic circle' not a roundabout! We are in America not the UK. The first time I saw them called 'roundabout' was on my TomTom GPS. It irritated me then and it irritates me now. That aside, I think it's just funny they call a trunk a 'boot' and a car hood a 'bonnet'. The second issue is while they are generally smoother to go through, redesigning and rebuilding intersections to use them is prohibitively expensive, so this is of no real practical use for 99.99% of the roads in the US.

Finally, this stands on its own (men reacting like, well men - no apology necessary):

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