Thursday, September 12, 2013

An Open Letter to the NFL Commissioner

So I understand the commissioner of the NFL recently stated that if just one person is offended by something the NFL is doing that the NFL should 'listen'. Now he carefully didn't note what 'listening' meant, but I am thinking that might mean an action is implied. So Mr. Goodell I have to tell you - I am offended! Listen to me!

Oh - perhaps you thought I was goign to go on about something silly, like the name of the that team in DC that can never seem to get a decent offensive line since all the Hogs retired? No, the thing that I find offensive is the absolutely embarrassing and disgusting victory celebrations I keep seeing during the football shows you put on. You see, it used to be that you would see a high five, low five, or helmet knock whenever a player would make a sack for catch a long pass. Those days are long gone. What you see now is shocking. After every nominal good play, the players will shimmy, bump, grind, twist and shout. The gyrations are frankly embarrassing to watch. I fear that some of the guys I have seen doing them might actually be hurting themselves in these performances.

Now I know that there are 'new' rules in place to try to limit these celebrations, but I have yet to see these threatened penalties have any deterrent effect on the players actions. Mr. Goodell, this issues goes beyond your league and the institution of football. It goes to the sense of fair play, hard work, and the studied sense of humility that good people try to instill in their kids. When kids see grown men dance and shake every time they do a good job, what must they think? Just once, i'd like to see a top receiver score a TD, drop the ball and just walk away. That would indicate character. Instead what I see makes me think of school yard bullies and braggarts. Is that the way that you want people to think about your players?

I recognize this all may be an odd concept to you. After all, moral turpitude is not exactly the watchword of the average NFL player. If it were, the dog killer Michael Vic would have never been allowed to play again. While that race has already been run, this one hasn't. I ask you to do something about these displays.  I find them offensive.

An Old Fan

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