Sunday, September 29, 2013

What if you had a government shutdown and nobody came?

So Boner and the boys & girls of the house found their spine and revised and passed the CR to

  1. Fund the government until December - changed from November 1st end of funding
  2. Delay Obamacare for one year (whatever that means) - changed from defunding Obamacare (whatever that meant)
  3. Remove medical device tax from Obamacare
  4. Separate funding CR for military
This would of course change the timing of the beginning of the Obamacare implementation from hitting in an off year to going into action just before the 2014 election. When the low information voters realize that they have gotten screwed out of real money with the huge tax increase that is Obamacare just before the election, even the dead people voting block won't be enough to overcome their indignation.

Predictably, Sub-President Reid has said the Senate will reject anything other than a 'clean' CR. It really is amazing how he can read and control the minds of all the duly elected US Senators:
Reid: "You don't need to see what's in the bill"
Senators: "we don't need to read the bill"
Reid: "This in not the CR you are looking for"
Senators: "This isn't the CR we are looking for"
Reid: "you can go about our business"
Senators: "We will go about our business"
Reid: "Move along"
Senators: "move along, move along"

Kinda like this:

(heh - did you notice that Obi-Wan has a Trevon hoodie?)

What is more entertaining is what will happen when the government is shut down. A good example is how the DC government has already reacted. They have a conceptual 'emergency fund' that will guarantee that everyone on the DC payroll will continue to get paid, and have declared that all city services are 'essential', from the police to DC's notorious meter maids.

I wonder what congress would do if Obama pulled a similar move and refused to shut anything down, continuing to spend money without congressional authorization? Would congress have the will to impeach him? I suspect not - especially as long as Reid controls the minds of the Senate. Obama has already exceeded his legal authority on other numerous occasions, and gotten away with it. Why would it be different now? It reminds me of the story about the dinner at the White House... go read it if you haven't already. Lately it is echoing eerily in my head...

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