Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dangerous Triangles, The 'B' Word, and Bad Actors

Things that caught my eye today...

So a school in the UK has outlawed triangle shaped pastries because they were deemed more dangerous in a food fight that the square variety. I can almost see the point (pun intended) here. However, this does seem to be on the surface an extension of the 'bubble wrapped child' school of adolescent development. I suspect there is a great more to this story than just what looks to be apple turnovers. My guess is the removal of the pastry was more in response to the food fight than the shape of the food. That would actually make sense.

So now it comes out that Ted Cruz may not be able to run for president since he was born in Canada. I think the most interesting takeaway from this is that definition of what is a 'Natural Born Citizen' still is not settled! McCain fixed it for himself with a senate resolution. I suppose that if the Democrats were not in control of the senate, that would be an option for Cruz also. Still left out of the conversation is how does the vetting of such a thing occur? It will be interesting to see the hypocritical machinations of the left when trying to disqualify Cruz if he decides to run. Good luck in finding 'standing' to object!

So the captain doesn't like the IRS 'Star Trek' parody? Well, not exactly. It is more that he, like the rest of us, is disgusted that they spent so much money on it. Given that it's production cost were more than ten times what he made per episode back in the day ($5000), i'd say he has a right.

Finally, i've never laughed at Jim Carey or found him particularly funny. He has always been a parody of a TV funny man. My guess is this ad he made on guns is just a sad effort to reinvent his career ala 'The Dixie Chicks'.

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