Saturday, March 16, 2013

Twist, Fake Egg, and the Plague

First there is this debate that you never knew was going on. I myself a a twistee person, not because it is particularly more efficient than the clip, but because it retains a usefulness after the the bread is gone.  I have deployed it:
  • as a watch band holder
  • cat entertainment (hours and hours of entertainment)
  • cord organizer
  • ear bud slider 
  • twisting other bags closed
Oddly enough we don't use the kind of trash-bags that require twistees anymore, and when we did, I never used them - just too inconvenient to find them before taking out the kitchen trash.

No chicken eggs my ass!

This is stupid on so many levels. There is no way this is 'sustainable'. I guarantee that the amount of work involved to get to a plant based egg look-alike will never be cheaper or more energy efficient than a simple chicken pecking about in the yard. You want 'sustainable'? Lobby the zoning boards to allow small chicken coops in residential back yards. That's sustainable.

Lost souls of the plague

I never really though about where the bodies of all those plague victims went. I remember the few funerals I have been to and the careful and moving dignity provided to even the biggest bastards at their final resting place. These poor souls earthly shells were out of necessity probably not given what we in the civilized world would now consider a minimum indulgence. Now they are 'discovered' underfoot.

I do not count it a weakness that it is to the unknown lost that I offer one of my rare genuine prayers on All Souls day or on the occasion of strolling across some ancient battlefield.

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