Monday, March 18, 2013

Union Goon Comeuppance, Jared and the Baseball Shooter

So I saw this story about how Obamacare is biting back on the unions. I remember unions packing the town hall meetings that I went to when Obamacare was going through and remembered thinking back then how naive these people were to trust their union bosses and the Democrats with something that mattered like their heath. I'll admit while they were frosty toward us protesters, they did not get physical or personally nasty. However, they were / are part of the problem. Now that they have joined the many people the 'Bamster has thrown under his bus, maybe they will become part of the solution. Wait, who am I kidding? All it will take is a few platitudes from 'dear leader' and they will go back to sleep again... until it's too late.

So did anyone check out where this guy was when it was going down? Na - he probably gets all his subs for free. Seriously, what genius decided that making fake Subway gift cards and selling them on E-Bay would be the way to make big money. What idiot would buy a gift card on EBay? I mean how do you know it has the money on it someone says? It's kinda like counterfeiting dollar bills or quarters...

(If you haven't watched this in a while, its really is worth watching again...)

So I didn't know that 'The Natural' was even based on a true story, much less that the lady who shot the player was real (and now dead). To me this movie was Redford's best, hands down.. though there are a couple of scenes in 'A River Runs Through It' that I really like too... Ok - now i'm ready for baseball to start - Go Nats!

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