Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Geeky Links & Comments

Here's some geeky stuff I looked at this week...

McFood hack

Basically, it says you can get a egg McMuffin style egg on any sandwich that has egg in it by asking for the 'round egg', though I doubt that would work in a breakfast burrito. Lets see if a reason that you would want to do this (beyond taste). First lets look at a 'real' egg. A sausage McMuffin is  370cal. A Suasage & Egg McMuffin is 450cal - implying the egg alone is 80cal. Now for the yellow stuff. A Sausage Biscuit is 430cal, while a Sausage & Egg Biscuit is 510.  Humm  - same 80cals. There is no caloric difference between the yellow stuff and a real egg! That being said, when I am forced to hit McD's for breakfast due to time constraints, I now always get the McMuffin (300cals, no meal - those damn hash browns are 150cals). Now when I want variety, do I ask for the 'non-round egg'? I still haven't figured out how to ask for sweetener in my coffee rather than sugar...

Silliest Egg Cooker Ever

I really don't see the point of this. I can cook an egg in a small saute pan in about 5 minutes from the time I walk in the kitchen to the time it's on my thin cut sandwich bread (including clean up). This is one of those things you give to as a wedding or Christmas gift to someone you really don't like that much...

Making your own yogurt

Looks like a lot of work but something worth trying (once). I guess there is some merit to doing this yourself and skipping additives you get in commercial yogurt.


Opening Jar using Duct Tape

I've actually used something similar to this to get a stuck oil filter off a car using a piece of rope wrapped around it. The principle is the same as it allows you to apply torque just the way you need it to a large round screw-top surface

FAVI SmartStick

All the TVs in our house are setup to access Netflix via a Roku, so this is a moot issue for me. One thing not noted here is the compact utility for road warriors using this in lieu of of the clunky (and expensive) choices available in most hotel room menus. Since it is running Andriod 4.0, and you can get additional apps, this would seem to be a good natural choice for a someone that spends a great deal of time on hotels where firing up the laptop or squinting at the tablet is not what you want to do after spending all day in a strange place.

Howto Arduino Charts

Nice guide for Arduino connections that takes the 'EE' degree out of Arduino experiments (somewhat).

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