Friday, March 15, 2013

Poopy Head, Cannibals and Catholics

This was too good to not link to:

See, a less cultured person would use a a more vulgar description of the legitimately elected congress critter, I'll just stick to calling him a poopyhead.


Previously I talked about how being a virtual cannibal landed a guy in jail based purely on his thoughts, not actions. So I am wondering when this guy who thinks aborted babies are similar to bacon will be arrested?


I was shocked to find out yesterday that Biden was catholic, today I learn that Pelosi claims to be Catholic too (as noted in this article). The thing that caught my eye there? This:
"Both Biden and Pelosi are Catholics and pro-abortion"

Pro-abortion Catholics? What's the point?

Of course the real point is Catholics get all the good press, as illustrated here:

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