Saturday, June 22, 2013

Germany wants their stuff back...

(H/T Drudge) On the eve of the 72nd anniversary of the largest military attack of WWII, the  Chancellor of Germany tells the Russian President that Germany would like to have it's stuff back. Now your typical answer to that from an American would have been something like "Sure, right after you give Poland back all it's Jews. Wait, my bad - you can't!". Instead, Putin being Putin, said that maybe Germany should give Turkey back it's stuff first - or words to that effect.

This is a decidedly odd redirection by Putin, which I am not enough a scholar of history to understand. There is this demand by Turkey for the Met to return it's 'looted' antiquities, but that seems to have little bearing on Turkish assets being held by Germany. I suspect the comment was more a gentle reminder to Merkel that there are reasons for Turkey and German to not be so cozy - strong historic reasons that her neighbors still remember.

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