Saturday, June 22, 2013

Matt Groening had it right

Why do these things always happen in Springfield? Course a barely dressed stripper probably shouldn't be multitasking and smuggling heroin on her way to work. I am guessing the 'real' criminals in this, the guy who is supplying it and the guy at the club that she was bringing it to are in the wind. I am trying to think about how that particular scenario went down:

Lamar: "What da hell! BoPeep at the club just called and they are outta smack! Yo, Tiffany, your on your way to work - take dis to him"

Tiffany: "Sure"

Tiffany, after running a red light & seeing the blue lights in her mirror: "Oh darn, I have been waylaid by a law enforcement officer! What ever will I do with these bags of illegal substances? Lamar will be ever so disappointed if I fail the get this delivery to his associate BoPeep at the 'Scratch & Tickle'. Oh, I know - I will place them in my bra and underwear. Since they aren't TSA trained experts, the local constabulary shall be quite inept at a pat down and will never discover items secreted in such a clever way!"

Drat! Tiffany foiled by physics again - a G-string and pasties just can't hold 47 bags of heroin... who knew?

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