Friday, June 21, 2013

The Faith...

As a mostly lapsed Catholic, I freely admit I am not in any position to criticize how other Catholics practice their faith. In fact, it is a basic tenet of the faith that each person is individually responsible for their relationship to God, and we are not to judge others. In fact, the best way I have ever heard this put was by a priest and deacon that I happened to be walking near at a peaceful 'protest march' after the court had granted the husband permission to remove the feeding tube of the not quite vegetative state Terri Schiavo. The priest was talking to a deacon, and mentioned that while the husbands actions were wrong, we have to keep respect for the individual. The deacon responded "Love the sinner, hate the sin". Which the priest nodded, and repeated.

That being said, I think this philosophy can be taken to the point of foolishness. The church seems to have no problem excommunicating those within it's organization when they stray (far) from the churches teachings. It does seem to have a problem doing anything about excommunicating those church members that very publicly work against it's basic teachings on the sanctity of life. Especially when that individual is a powerful member of Congress like Nancy Pelosi. That's why, while I was heartened to see that a group including priest were petitioning for her to stop calling herself 'Catholic', it is discouraging to realize all the years that the church has allowed her and other prominent Democrats to continue be 'in communion' with the church. Similarly,  this call for the pro-abortion Georgetown University to stop calling itself 'Catholic', is movement in the right direction, but lacks the moral force to do the right thing by unilaterally cutting the ties that bind. There is a weakness of action there that calls in question the Church's moral stance. I am not sure what will move the Church to actual action. Perhaps I just need to find a door to nail some papers to.

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