Thursday, June 6, 2013

It's a Jeep Thing...

So I saw this article about Jeeps catching on fire and I had to look into it. As I may have noted elsewhere, I have driven a Wrangler for many years, so a headline implying that I may face a fiery death naturally grabbed my attention. After looking it over, I was relieved that it was referring to the 'pretender' jeep lines (Grand Cherokees and Libertys). Then I saw the link to the Wrangler fire issues and had to read that too. That referred to the 2010 Wranglers, which while they share the same name and some of the traits, really are no match to the earlier era Wranglers I have owned. My current beast of burden is a classic 4 cylinder lifted 1992 YJ, all steel frame striving to not become a rusted hunk. I had a co-worker who had one of the 'modern' Wrangler and when I road with him I was horrified by all the plastic and lack of road noise. I might as well been in a Toyota. Anyway, it appears I am free from a fiery death if I am rear ended, though most people do everything they can to avoid me.

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