Monday, July 22, 2013

Nothing to see here...

So I noted with interest this story about a killer in Cleveland who apparently did his victims in abandoned houses and wrapped then in plastic. It was like a real life 'Dexter' - almost. Apparently he was just another really bad guy that killed women. He wasn't a genius sociopath like Dexter either, but just emulated another infamous Cleveland serial killer Anthony Sowell. Nothing quirky or romantic, no 'code', just a couple of sick bastards. Oh, and even though it wasn't mentioned in the story, there is one other aspect of this guy that will regulate this to the back pages of the news. Here's his picture:

Since you probably haven't heard of Anthony Sowell, here's his picture:

From the article, I am guessing that most of their victims were black. Just a touch of that 'peculiar institution' crime that we are not supposed to pay attention to... Would it be wrong to wish for a more painful death than the needle or the chair?

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