Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yea! Another Budget Negotiation!

So I saw where Obama is gearing up for another budget negotiation. It inspired me to draw a comic like Frank J. over at IMAO does occasionally to show how I think it will turn out. Without further adieu, the stylish rendering of my first really bad comic:

Update!!! Welcome IMAO readers. While I suspect you are here to admire the fine art, I do occasionally write stuff too. By all means bookmark me and visit occasionally or do the RSS subscribe thing over there ----------------->

The ice cream is always free here! Yea! Free Ice Cream! Oh - no tip jar (yet), I mostly only do the writing thing. Look around a bit and that's all you'll see - writing and stupid youtube video links to old white guy music and such... enjoy!

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  1. Here from IMOA and I am glad I found you.