Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Symbolic Nothings...

This is painful for me to talk about as it is to read, so buck up a bit and read on... Two seemingly innocuous items from Drudge grabbed my attention this morning. One was Senator Rubio introducing a senate bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks. The other was this craven move by democrats to delay the painful implementation of Bamacare until after the 2014 elections. On the surface, they are two different seemingly isolated incidents, in reality they are exactly the same examples of what is wrong with our political system.

There is little doubt that Rubio lost a great deal of ground with his immigration reform support. Every right thinking American that was paying attention realized the parallels of that particular sack of excrement, it's construction, and passage and the way that Bamacare got to be law. The back door deals, the attached pork, the 1200 pages that no one but the lobbyist had read / written all were eerily similar to Bamacare. Rubio's complicit cooperation left him covered in the stench of Harry Reid's toxic senate byproduct. The easy fix for Rubio? Introduce a bill on abortion which has no chance of going anywhere or doing anything to try to shore up his base - both Cuban catholic and older white Floridian.

What would be the right thing for him to do? Admit that he was wrong, announce that he would stand in the way of every bill, resolution, or action in the Senate or House, be it a resolution on flowers or funding for bunny inspectors with filibuster or super-majority counter votes, quorum calls, and every other parliamentarian action available until Bamacare is rescinded and the Executive reigns in it's lawlessness. That is why he is in the Senate - not to make friends, be nice, or go along. His role and every other non-RINO Senator should be to block, harry, dog, frustrate, stonewall, get in their face, be rude to, demean their parentage, and if necessary physically engage the Democrats, in the Senate or House, who are hell bent on destroying this republic. They should be be thorns in every committee meeting, speaking out of turn, making a nuisance of themselves, even taking loud arguments into the halls, boo loudly every time a Democrat takes the floor, stand and turn your back during the State of the Union. In a word, be world class A-Holes - and be articulate when the press ask you why.

That would be leadership and just might give the Republican base, the true Republican base some hope that there are a few good men (and women) left in Congress that have to will to stop the fundamental changes to our government and way of life that the Democrats envision and the lawlessness of the current administration. The time for civility in Congress has passed. For those that think that this is extreme, consider that it is a far easier task to fight now with words and actions by a few in the halls of Congress than face a chaos later like what is playing out in Egypt.

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