Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hero of the Week: 11-16-13

My Hero of the Week is this lady:

(Disclaimer - I could not find any official photos of her, but I did find this picture on Facebook from someone with the same name in the same city and would like to think it is her)

Judge Maria Giraudi

This lady decided to impound Justin Beiber's production gear as he was trying to leave Argentina after screwing over his fans, having a bodyguard beat up a photographer, trashing a hotel room and stiffing the hotel for the bill, and generally acting like a first class ass. To be honest, I haven't even tried to follow what this, ahem, poor excuse for a human being has been up to as I don't care for his music or his attitude, so I would have not noticed this interesting tidbit except for two things. First, I remembered his Charlie Sheen like early exit from a concert - twice - complaining of sickness. Then, I also remembered seeing this photo of him spitting on his fans. 

Way to go Judge! Too bad she didn't order him held for trial, but I understand that might have been hard to justify on the world stage. Maybe Justin can hook up with Miley Cyrus and commiserate how unfair life is to pompous celebrities. 

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