Thursday, November 14, 2013

Open Season

With Obamacare literally disintegrating before our very eyes I thought i'd take a look at what my local congresscritter was up to. Yeah - he's this guy:

So I wondered over to his official congressional web site to see what's up. Amazingly, unlike the site, the congressman's web site seemed to be up and running just fine. Maybe he should lend some of his programmers to Sillybus.

Looking over all of his back patting accolades (are these guys ever embarrassed by patting themselves on the back?), I saw this:

Connolly to Hold Health Plan Open Season Workshop

I was amazed! Here was a Democrat congressman actually trying to do something about the horrible bill that he was so instrumental in getting passed. Then I read on:

for Federal Employees/Retirees on Saturday, Nov. 23 in Fairfax

It's not about the heath insurance plans we have all been saddled with. No, he is helping them navigate signing up for their federal employee health care plans. Those are the ones that he and his buddies got an exception for federal employees. It's because he cares:
“Federal employees, retirees, and annuitants who have questions or want to make sure that they have the coverage they need are welcome to attend my Open Season Workshop on November 23rd ” he said.
I am thinking that for the rest of us, the message is pretty much go the (or hell, whichever is easiest). I'm thinking I like the smell of sulfur and the screams of the damned.

So let's see what is supposed to happen at this "Workshop"? How nice! He posted an agenda. This should be fun.
10:00 am – 11:00 am - Panel Discussion featuring experts on FEHB programs and available health plan options, including FEHBP expert Walt Francis, author of CHECKBOOKS’s Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees Hosted in the Government Center Board Room 
Walter Francis? Who is that and why is he showing up for this meeting? I looked him up, and found this:
is an economist and policy analyst, expert in the analysis and evaluation of public programs. He developed regulatory, budgetary, and legislative reforms for many policies and programs, while working at the Office of Management and Budget and in the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
The hubris is running knee deep here. A local congressman is holding a special workshop to help federal employees get the most out of the system and brings in a guest speaker who was instrumental in writing regulations for the rest of us to help him out. Priceless!

What else is going on at this little get together?

11:00 am – 1:00 pm - Representatives of various FEHB health plans and Medicare will be available to provide information and answer questions concerning plan offerings for 2014. Hosted in adjoining conference rooms
I see - it's a sort of trade show for the heath care providers vying for the lucrative federal employee signup. I wonder if they are giving out some sweet trade show swag? Do heath insurance trade shows have booth babes?

11:00 am – 1:00 pm -  Flu Shots will be provided by the Fairfax County Health Department.  The cost is $25 and Medicare Part B is accepted
Flu shots! Sweet! Delivered to federal employees by county health workers. I am sensing a disturbance in the force here. It's like thousands of Virginia residents all cried out out  at once and then were silenced.

No - I was wrong. It was just a plane full of fat cats landing at National (Reagan National!). Nothing to see here, move along, move along..

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