Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hero of the Week - 11-22-13

I don't have a picture for this guy as he apparently has no internet presence and didn't concede to have the local newspaper take his picture. But what Antony Cannon did, while exceeding foolish when viewed from 500 miles away was the right thing to do at the time. Here's the story. He is a news paper delivery guy who, while doing his early morning thing, saw a teddy bear sitting in the middle of the road. Sensing it was weird, he went and picked it up. When he did, a odd metal object fell out. The article didn't note if he carried the thing around while he did his route or was on his way home. In any case, when he got home, he placed the 'metal thing' on the railing of his porch, and that's when he saw some smoke coming out of it and called the police. The bomb squad from the neighboring county confirmed it as a bomb and 'deactivated' it.

Now admittedly, almost everything he did after seeing the IED in the middle of the road was wrong, and just a little crazy. That being said, from what we can tell from the two original stories written about this, his instincts to do the right thing to remove a threat from potentially hurting some kid in his community was the right one. In my book, that gets him the hero of the week award for a week occupied by way to many zeros (or as Denny calls them, AOTWs).

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