Sunday, November 3, 2013

Listening to Dear Leader... November 3, 2013 Edition

Once again I was intrigued by what Dear Leader had to say in his weekly radio address. So without further adieu, President Choom:
Hi, everybody
Ok - right away i'm getting this really weird vibe. Am I the only one already thinking about another guy who likes to pretend to be a doctor:

 Moving along...
On Thursday, I addressed a conference for business leaders from around the world.  And my pitch was simple:  Choose America.  Invest in America.  Create jobs in America.
Because American exceptionalism is at such an all time low now that we need foreign investors to keep us afloat.
It speaks to my top priority as President: growing our economy, creating good jobs, strengthening security and opportunity for the middle class.
So that whole Obamacare thing was what? Another priority? Um, not to split hairs Mr. President Choom, but you say 'top priority' like it's one thing, then go on to list two things. Do you want to grow the economy or create good middle class jobs?  I am thinking most economist would not agree they are necessarily the same thing. I mean look at the stock market. The DOW has continued to grow throughout this economic disaster, indicating a 'growing' economy, even while actual unemployment has hit an all time high. Speaking of employment:
Over the past three and a half years, our businesses have created over seven and a half million new jobs.  And this week, the Treasury confirmed that since I took office, we’ve cut our deficits by more than half.
New jobs? I'll let this article do the actual analysis for that old canard.  But basically the population grew by seven million, five of which were new 'immigrants', and six million workers stopped looking for work. Let me do a little advanced math on that:

X = 7.5million jobs - ((5 million immigrants + 2 million natives) + 6 million give ups)
X = -5.5 million jobs (to stay even)

The deficit works the same way. But that's math, and math is hard.

But we have more work to do.  We need to grow and create more good jobs faster.  That’s my driving focus.  And I’ll go anywhere and do anything to make it happen. 
Faster than the actual negative growth - I agree. Wait a minute - I thought this was your driving focus:

Jumping down a little:
I was glad to hear the Republican leader in the Senate say this week that they won’t pursue another government shutdown or threaten another default on our debt.  Because we shouldn’t be injuring ourselves every few months – we should be investing in ourselves.
Let me interpret that a bit:

Jumping down a bit more:
Think about it.  We can keep wasteful corporate tax giveaways that working folks don’t get – or we could close those loopholes and use that money to pay for things that actually create jobs.
Let's see. We are back to the concept that corporations are people, and are getting 'cuts' that normal taxpayers don't. Not mentioned here is that corporations, like say Walmart exist to create profit for their shareholders, who mostly are retirees investing as groups in money markets. Now a 'closing of loopholes' mean that such corporations have two choices. To reduce the profits they give investors, or increase their prices. It is not unreasonable to expect that they will do both. Contrast this with a basic increase of taxes on an individual, like what is in the shiny new Obamacare law. When people have to pay more taxes, then they necessarily start cutting down on what they are spending. See? It's the basic difference between spending and earning. I know <sigh>, math.

Priorities. Choices.  That’s what this is about.  And the stakes for the middle class couldn’t be higher.  If we don’t pick the right priorities now, make the right choices now, we could hinder growth and opportunity for decades, and leave our children with something less.
Humm. It's like this economy just dropped dropped out of thin air onto this administration. No bad choices were made in the last 5 years that put us in this hole. It was the deficit fairy:

 Jumping ahead again:
Building new roads, and bridges, and schools, and airports – that creates jobs.

I'm pretty sure all that takes government money, which comes from taxes, which hinders growth. Besides, what happened to all those shovel ready jobs you already created? Since money pretty much grows on trees, I am thinking that this just might work! Or we could create jobs the old fashioned way... whatever that is...

Because in America, our economy doesn’t grow from the top-down.  It grows from the middle-class out.  
I am thinking that you probably should consult with Mooch on this. Middle America's growing middle is the real problem here, and it is definitely growing from the middle out.
And as long as I am President, our national mission will remain building an America where everyone belongs
Like the millions of folks who are streaming across our borders who are not actually Americans. That sounds so, er, Presidential.
 Thanks, and have a great weekend
Meh - weekends are overrated. Give me some freedom and and a taste of justice, and i'm all good:


  1. When you have a known Queer, Kenyan born, Indonesian raised, non American, uneducated drug addict that has only a background in Community Organizing trying to run a country like the U S you can expect him to fail. The problem is he is taking the country down with him.