Monday, November 18, 2013

It was bound to happen

I saw this on Drudge this morning had had to laugh a little:

I have often heard folks wonder if it was legal for a runner to be taken down by his hair, and, according to the article, it actually is. So just to be clear, horse collar tackles are not ok, but hair pulling / tackling is. I am waiting for the first player union representative to step up and advocate to a penalty for hair pulling. If football wasn't already turned into a completely gutless sport, then that would mark the end of the beginning of the end. I also have to add, if the picture of Babin holding up the dreadlocks that he ripped out of Ellington's head doesn't make you think of professional wrestling I don't know what will. He really should have been flagged for taunting which is an enforceable penaltyNow we just need some chairs on the sidelines for the coaches to throw around.

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