Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hero of the Week 01/05/2014

I was sorely tempted to give the Hero of the Week award to this guy:


Peter Mayhew. As he found it in his heart to share this picture he took while playing Chewbacca in the venerable Star Wars series:

A generation of formerly adolescent males thanks him.

No, instead I turn to two large and up-and-coming space companies for their accomplishments this week. As noted by the puppy blender both SpaceX and Orbital had successful launches this week.

Long time readers of the blog know I have a bit of a stake on both of these companies and their launches. SpaceX's continued successful launches mean that a fleet of satellites that I finished working on a couple of years ago will finally make orbit. In fact, they are scheduled for an April launch. I also worked peripherally on Orbital's Cygnus vehicle, so seeing it being launched and on it's way to fulfilling it's designed purpose warms my heart. Congratulations to the boys and girls at both SpaceX and Orbital - you are the Hero's of the Week.

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