Sunday, January 5, 2014

Whole lotta nothing

A lazy Sunday round up of stuff in no particular order that caught my eye this morning

I am thinking that Steven Segal would make a great Congress Critter. While most of the critics of him running compare him to Jesse V, he doesn't have that crazy factor that Jesse has. He actually is aikido master. While my study of martial arts mainly was taekwando, I have a great deal of respect for guys who have aikido expertise. Of course the guy is a bit of a show off, but have you ever met a congress critter who isn't? The only thing is I would urge him to run against Dirty Harry Reid for Senate. That would be epic!

Here's something that I never noticed before, but in thinking back on, eh, personal observations, it seems to be about right - dogs do try to align themselves North and South when pooping. There is so much we don't now about nature...

So it was inevitable that someone would make an app for voting. Basically, it generates a paper ballot with then gets scanned into a counting machine. The article doesn't mention how security is implemented, but i'm sure its all good. NOT!  This falls into the really bad idea column. There is no reason that does not involve voting fraud for making voting easier. Not. One. If the a voter cannot get off their lazy butts and make it to the polling place, they really should not be voting. Ditto for counting votes. It should be a mechanical process that any moron can do. Machines just make the fraud easier. End of story.

So now they are thinking that there is a 'dark matter' disk around the equator? I remember when I was working satellites we had to take into account a region called the South Atlantic Anomaly where satellites were prone to going haywire. I wonder if the two are connected?

I'd say it's about time that local police are being sued for providing color of law pressure to support the Feds randomly collecting DNA from citizens. It's wrong and the only way to stop this nonsense is to hit the responsible jurisdictions in the pocketbook. Now if only we could do something about those damn revenue cameras.

A definitive guide to cooking steak. While I don't think warming the steak before cooking it is a great idea, I have to say that the scientific arguments they make for doing it makes sense and has me rethinking my preferred methods.

Does anyone remember the Battle of Fallujah? No - well here's a little summary. So now it appears that it is firmly back in the hands of Al Qaeda. Nice job of statesmanship there Obama administration. Guess you don't mind seeing everything we accomplished over there going the shit.

So the Australians have cleverly figured out a method to tag sharks so that when they are near swimming areas the tweet the beach to alert bathers to not go in the water. Brilliant! Of course just avoiding swimming during their prime feeding times at night would probably be a good idea too.

If you read this blog much you know I really like my classic YJ jeep. It breaks my heart that Chrysler has been sold to the gutless French <spit> Fiat. That it was basically stolen then given away to them by our current leadership is beyond disgusting. Buy American doesn't quite mean what it used to.

That's the most important (and less important) stuff that caught my eye today. Tune in again for more mindless drivel, drooling, and butt scratching.

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