Sunday, January 19, 2014

Watching the Superbowl Today

Update 01/20/14:
Well I was right about the Broncos / Patriots game, and half right about the other one - like that has ever happened (ahem - check the name of the blog again). Yes, the San Fran / Seattle game turned on some outlandishly bad calls. It was the official's game all the way. I must admit that I did not watch past the end of the third quarter as I had an early start this morning. I did get the feeling that San Fran got the word at half time that they were not the NFL's chosen people, and their second half play reflected that. In keeping with NFL's 'new' WWF format, they decided to make the Superbowl a match up between the affable good guys - Peyton and friends, and the evil bad guys - well pretty much the whole Seahawk team, personified in the Richard Sherman interview above. I guess the natural hype of the Super Bowl, potential wardrobe malfunctions, and twerks just weren't enough. I for one am done with football this year. Somebody let me know who wins on the second. No, on second thought don't. I couldn't care less.

I will admit, I have been following the payoffs - no make that playoffs - a lot closer this year than I have in the past. I am not quite sure why that is. I guess a great deal of that has to do with how dismally the Redskins (Potato Heads) did this year. In any case, I do intend on watching the Super Bowl today. What? You say that doesn't happen until February 2nd? I am aware that a football game will be played on that day, I just don't consider it the Super Bowl. You see the Colts and Patriots game is the last real game of the season. While San Fran and Seattle can be entertaining, they are essentially lucky teams, something Potato Head fans like myself know a great deal about. Thus, their survival to this point is dependent more on luck and opportunistic officiating than the intricate chess game of move / counter move that will be present in the first playoff game today.

Oh, I am sure that the other game will be interesting, but mark my words, the result of their play will ultimately depend on who the officials have determined will win. Let's pretend for a minute that I am right about this. If you were the entertainment industry that is today's NFL, who would you want to win that particular contest? On one hand you have a Seattle, a city that has grown into a place that is certifiably nuts about football. If you have any doubts about that just look at the "12th Man" flag flying from the Space Needle. On the other hand, you have San Fran, a city personified by limp wrist-ed liberalism as demonstrated by the continued re-election of hopefully forever former Speaker Blinky. Like the decline of their economic power base in Silicon Valley, San Fran's football interest is mainly belied by their understandable attraction to their tat'ed pretty boy quarterback. Looking at the match-up from a profit perspective, i'd say it's in the NFL's best interest for San Fran to end up in the Super Bowl and give that organization a much needed, albeit temporary, boost in their fan base. A bad call here or there, and tat boi is going to the Super Bowl. I won't call it "the show",  as that name is enshrined properly to the real competitive sport of baseball.

Either way, today is the day to watch football. That thing that is happening on the 2nd? That will be all all about marketing, money, and wardrobe malfunctions. Today is the last real entertainment until spring training gets rolling. Yep, it's going to be a long winter. Me, i'll be cooking some steaks and warming up some of these:
*not a recommended paleo-diet supplement

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