Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Imagine if...

Imagine for a minute that this picture was displayed to the general population of a major public university:
Then imagine if that university had the following demographics:


American Indian or Alaska Native374041
Black or African American82717181,006
Hispanics of any race1,22312391,355
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander311133
Two or more races96577151,057
Not reported6993160790
Nonresident alien9891,73832,730

That's like  71% white. Next imagine that the white students noticed this, and protested this depiction and forced the school to apologize and change the initially displayed picture on their web site to be one that more correctly reflects their demographics. Unimaginable, right?

Imagine no more. Here's the picture that the grocery store ran:

Here's the staff of the Black Historical College calling them out and Giant's apology:

Unimaginable! (for the record, Howard is a Federally Chartered, Private school)

UPDATE (01/16/14): It seems Howard University staff has a thing about white women. As Michelle Malkin noted this morningRussell Adams, chairman of Howard University's department of Afro-American studies, doesn't much care for white women either.

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