Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hero of the Week 01/12/14

There were a great many choices for Hero of the week this week, just as Denny (if he wasn't distracted my all that nice white powder) had a lot of choices for AOTW also. In any case, my Hero of the Week award goes to this guy (and his many friends):

I believe his name is something like Buddy Simonaz but I don't speak Spanish and it's hard to make out on the audio for a non-Spanish speaking listener. In any case, his town had been taken over by the local Cartel and they were extorting money from the residents. The Mexican government and soldiers were apparently powerless to stop them. He and his neighbors banded together, brought their illegal arms out into the open, and formed a vigilante police force to oust the Cartel from their town. They set up checkpoints, and threw the local drug lords out of the town. If you want to be inspired by what a few good men can do, they are a shining example. So congratulations Buddy (and your many friends) - you guys are my Hero of the Week!

The video is here - (H/T Reason via the Puppy Blender for the story)

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