Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hero of the Week 01/19/14

Sadly, public figures that evoke the word Hero were once again difficult to find this week with all the east coast cold and impending stock market meltdown. That being said, this guy stood out and was the clear winner of Hero Of The Week award:
Why now you ask? Well it seems that by standing up to the despicable unions and forcing his legislature to stomach a sensible budget and overcome a 2 billion dollar deficit he now is looking at a surplus of 900 million in 2015. Rather than do the normal politician thing and find somewhere to spend that money, he instead is advocating property tax cuts and other means to return the unneeded and unwanted money to the taxpayer  (H/T Weasel Zippers).

Huzzaa! Governor Scott Walker - you are the  Hero of the Week for 01/19/14! 

(ahem - compare his very real cheese to the virtual cheese that the White House will be serving next week - H/T The Puppy Blender).

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