Sunday, January 19, 2014

Well this is weird...

So there was the whole build up to a big bash at the White House about Michelle's 50th birthday. The AP reported that Beyance and Jay Zee were going to sing and everything (H/T Drudge). So the official White House web site has nothing about it:

The official snapshot of the day has a rather lonely picture of the Bamster tirelessly working on a speech:

I am thinking there really is trouble in Camelot...

Here's a idle question - What's with the guy riding a horse to the right there? I mean Obama is not exactly known for his love of horses, riding, western wear, etc. I did a little searching and found this from Wikipedia:
An original cast resides in the Oval Office, a gift of Miss Virginia Hatfield and Mrs. Louis Hatfield Stickney during the Carter Administration.
A metaphor perhaps? You know, do nothing administration, borrowing a gift from another failed administration, illustrating a guy hanging on to an out of control animal? Yeah, that is a little sad...

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