Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little thought experiment

So join me in a little thought experiment. Suppose your were some Russian scientist, hanging about your lair, trying to figure out a new project that would garner some more research money from your cash strapped government to keep your vodka supply flowing? Then you see this story about a bunch if snot nosed kids in Texas playing around with a multi-million dollar yacht and GPS spoofing. "Chert Poberi!" you exclaim. "In Russia GPS is like dog under the porch". Yes - that doesn't make any sense, but it's sort of a quote from Fred Thompson, and all Russian scientists know from the movie "Hunt For Red October", he is one scary dude - and maybe you had a little too much vodka for breakfast.

In any case, you call up a comrade in the Navy you know to try to arrange a little demonstration for the brass. While you wanted a destroyer, the best your buddy could manage was a really big hovercraft. "Da!" you exclaim, "I will make that my bitch!". You pack up your gear and head for the ocean. After a few rounds of vodka for you and the crew, you instruct them to "Go toward training landing beach in Kmelevka, but steer only by GPS, da?". Away you all go (after another round of vodka). Quite possibly this would be the result:

Ain't technology fun?

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