Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beaming Arod

Let me be honest. I have never liked A-Rod. His attitude and in your face approach to baseball is indicative of the so many things that I despise about modern baseball. I contrast his attitude and mannerisms with the quiet dignity that guys like the great Cal Ripken brought to the game. So I guess I wasn't surprised by his getting nabbed for doping and getting suspended. In a way I can understand why he did it. He was getting old, and he needed an edge to keep going in a game that more often than not is decided by tiny edges. In classic A-Rod style, he appeals the suspension, and keeps playing so he can eek out a few more games and a little more money. Like many rules of the game, I didn't like it, but we have to live it in today's litigious society. Ryan Dempster expressed the fans frustration with his cavalier attitude by beaming him (heh - 2 times in 4 tries). Rather than A-Rod doing the manly thing and charging the mound, he took his whining to the commissioner. I guess he knew his teammates would not have welcomed defending him. Good for baseball for handing Dempster a meaningless suspension. I kinda would like to see every pitcher A-Rod faces from now on 'honor' him in a similar manner.  That's the way to bring good manners back to baseball. Now if football players could get get a similar thing going for those jerks who feel they have to shake their booty every time they get a good hit, first down, or touchdown.

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