Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The importance of being Ernest

No - not that Ernest - though I did like him. Humm - I wonder what happened to him (Jim Varney)? Crap - he passed in 2000 (the lung cancer got him). The world lost a great comedian in that one.

No, this embassy closings thing is what got my attention. I like many others have refrained on commenting on it as I don't know if it is real or not. But it strikes me that this not knowing is by and large a part of the problem. Until the Benghazi debacle I had always trusted the government on such matters. If they said there was a problem, even when the TSA were feeling up grandmas or toddlers, I sort of (jadedly) gave them the benefit of the doubt. After Benghazi and the 'reaction to a movie no one saw' cover story, not so much.

That is the problem with lies. They enjoin a trust debt that takes time and honesty to overcome. This administration has not paid that debt. It should come as no surprise that we don't quite trust that they are telling the truth about a real and credible threat after the exact same people colluded to mislead us as to what happened with the fall of a similar embassy in the same area of the world.

The real issue is that our checks and balance system of government is fundamentally broken. Democrats in Congress should have lined up with Republicans to demand the appointment of a special prosecutor for the investigation of the Benghazi debacle. Without the appropriate yoke of Congress, this administration has no accountability and can callously yank the chain of 'national security' whenever it suits them, and the Democrats in Congress dance along.

Even Ernest doesn't get that.

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