Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good for the Goose

I noted with interest this article about how a federal appeals court said that the NRC is in violation of federal law for not making a decision about going ahead with construction of the Yucca Mountains nuclear waste storage facility. Now with a causal read of this article you would think 'Yea! The Obama administration got their comeuppance in court!' and move along. For me a key point is buried there in the middle of the article. What Energy Secretary Moniz, perhaps the goofiest looking of all the Obama appointees, had to say about it caught my eye. Just so we know who we are talking about, here's a picture:

Yeah - he's that guy. I have a whole series of pictures of Obama's cabinet i'm working on that i'll get around to putting out someday. Anyway, here's the quote:
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the Energy Department was not a party to the lawsuit, but he characterized the Yucca Mountain project as "a complete stalemate." He said he saw no evidence of that changing.
"Currently we do not have funding," he told reporters at a clean energy conference Tuesday in Las Vegas. 

So follow my logic here. He is saying that if a law is passed by Congress, and there is no explicit funding for it's implementation, then the administration's hands are tied. This is actually a good thing for those opposed to Obamacare. If Congress, and specifically the house, stands their ground and provides no funds for Obamacare, explicitly mentioning that exclusion in every funding bill, then the administration, based of this observation by the Energy Secretary, cannot move forward with any Obamacare implementation.

Yeah - I know. the Energy Secretary really has no weight in these matters. Especially Moniz, who I view as kinda of the Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali of this administration. That brings up an interesting question - if he is the 'Raj' character from Big Bang, who would Obama be? Duh - Penny!

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