Monday, August 26, 2013

Be careful with that saber you're rattling, you might cut something off you'll need later

So Obama is going to team with the Brits and perhaps the French and go after the Syrians because they are "almost certain" that they used chemical weapons on their own people? Since he can't get UN approval over a Russian veto, perhaps he will attempt to form his own "coalition of the willing". I guess that might work as long as the Mexicans and the Poles are put on different parts of the battlefield or they will throw chairs at each other. Maybe he can send the rebels a few planes they can't fly or maintain like he did with Afghanistan.

The problem is that once again, we can't really trust what Obama is telling us. While Science! can tell us that it is indeed sarin gas, nothing can tell us who launched the attack. Logic (and the Syrian government) argues against it's use by the regime right after the arrival of international inspectors in the area. There are even credible reports that the 'rebels' have used gas on previous occasions.

That being said, whatever Obama does, he will get away with it. Consider the abandonment of the victims at Benghazi. While Congress stomped and held a few hearings, there is still no accountability for what happened there. Now that Obama is about to draw us back into another fruitless adventure in the Mideast, Congress is powerless to stop him. To answer Hillary's question at those hearings - this is why it matters.

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