Monday, August 26, 2013

Bonus Monday Tech-No-Paloosa

(No - it's not raining here, just needed a Monday song, and that one came into my head)

I had a few tech articles and nonsense piled up, so it's time for a tech-day roll out of tech related stuff that has happened to catch my eye over the past few weeks. So here we go:

First up is the Half Million Dollar Canadian Stealth Snowmobile. Now I really do understand the need the Canadians have for a really quiet snowmobile, even though I live in the south and it's been years since I have seen a snowmobile used. I am familiar with them, having spent a couple of years in Alaska. They are a cool way to efficiently get around. I am currently working my way thorough Paul Doiron's 'Mike Bowditch' series about a game warden in wilds of Maine. There are a series of characters that give him fits because he has no way to sneak up on them due to his noisy snowmobile. If he goes on foot, they can easily evade them. Seen from that viewpoint, the need for a stealthy snowmobile is not really a hard concept to grasp. That being said a half million dollars seems a bit steep.

Next up is this blood drawing robot seems kinda like a bridge too far. Yes, I have been on the receiving end of real people who have a hard time finding my veins for a blood draw, but turning that job over to a machine? I am just not comfortable with that. There are just too many things that can go wrong. On the other hand using the robot as an aide to the process makes a great deal of sense. But the idea of sitting in a chair a robot going after your blood all on it's own is just a little too creepy.

While admittedly it's been a while since my kids did paintball, I remember when paintball was revolutionized by the 'automatic' action and remote CO2. Now for tactical paintball (think in the woods vs. 'playground' style as above) has been revolutionized again with a backpack feed that holds 1200 rounds. Yeah, I can see it changing the above style matches also.

This electric golfboard almost makes me wish I played golf... that's right - I said almost

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