Saturday, August 24, 2013

Just Rewards

So Nidal Hisan was unanimously found guilty of premeditated murder for his shooting spree at Ft. Hood, opening up the possibility that he will be hanged by the neck until dead (I wish). Actually, since the shooting took place in Texas, and under the Violent Crimes Enforcement Act of 1994 they have use the method in use for the state that the crime took place in, at best he will go out peacefully with the lethal injection, unlike the fear and confusion that his victims suffered in their last minutes. I'd say that since in his mind he was in Afghanistan, he should face the punishment that they use for terrorism based on the good old Koran - hanging or firing squad. I guess I don't get Sharia law, a gory execution by stoning for adultery, but a relatively clean and painless death by firing squad for mass murder? I guess it's true that you end up living in the hell you create.

That being said, I'd really like to see the fools who enabled this jerk to get promoted all the way to Major. He could have been stopped in his tracks and out of the service if they had just crapped all over his fitness reports. Instead they allowed the butt pimple to move up. Their names are surely known as his fitness reports should be part of the public record. If the fitness reports were bad, then the politically correct boards who kept signing off on his promotions are culpable accessories. I suspect that it was more a 'crime' of omission the commission (pardon the pun) by Nidal's board. Consider for a moment this paper on 'diversity' in officer selection process. 

If I were the families, I would push to find out how he got selected, and by who, then bring some civil suites against those responsible. See, the Army wants to call this a 'workplace violence' issue. Fine. Since it's not an 'accident', at one end of the scale, and not a terrorist act at the other end of the scale, then the Army must be liable for placing this mad dog in the company of decent people. They ones responsible for this must be called to account for it.

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